• Ghosty, MEW

    Ghosty was rescued after she, her siblings, and her mom were abandoned in a wood pile. A loving wildlife rehabber took care of these cats until they were ready to go on to their forever homes.

    Ghosty spends most of her time outside of work with Stephanie McCarthy, MSW but also has sleepovers with Elvira Zulkic, MSW. She is loved by the entire team and everyone has put in work to train her to do things, such as coming on command.

    Ghosty spends therapy sessions either sitting on her own chair or on the couch with clients who would like the extra support. She has worked hard to become in tune with how clients feel.

    In addition to being trained to be a therapy cat, she trains our team. The team studies her behaviors and creates a daily log. The hope is that if we can understand how to effectively integrate therapy animals, we can share this knowledge too. At VCTC, we believe in further educating ourselves and others.

    Find Ghosty on Instagram: @ghostythetherapycat