• Internships

    We host 0-5 interns per year for master’s-level students in mental health counseling or social work. Open spots are competitive so interested students should apply several months in advance of when the internship would begin.

    We are not an agency, but a private, affiliated group of private practice therapists. Students who are not interested in learning how to run a private practice should not apply. Because you would be providing counseling services to clients AND learning how to run a private practice concurrently, this can be a challenging internship.

    Some of the schools that we have previously worked with:

    •     University of New England
    •     University of Vermont
    •     Northern Vermont University
    •     University of the Cumberlands
    •     Grand Canyon University


    •     Cover letter
    •     Resume
    •     Internship requirements
    •     Courses taken and courses planning on taking

    Email Stephanie McCarthy, LICSW at [email protected]